Each client who gives an order at the same time accepts the following terms:

    • Standard pace of translation: 5 pages per day (30 per week). If you need to make it faster, the prices increase by 20% and more.
    • Accounting page includes 1600 characters (together with all necessary punctuation marks ) and 1125 characters if it is a certified translation). Calculation of characters is made on the ground of word processor statistics.
    • Every substantial translation can be negotiated individually as far as pricing per page is concerned.
    • In case of consecutive translations we calculate the amount of time of the interpreter's presence, including the time for getting to his place of work, irrespective of the fact whether his services were utilized or not. Minimal time for calculation is 4 hours.
    • Due to extremely specific classified vocabulary connected with strictly specialized translations our clients are obliged to specify a contact with whom we can consult any vocabulary ambiguities used in certain document.
    • We must confirm the reception of any order sent by e-mail and the date of its completion.
    • Complete translations are made according to clients' requirements in printed or electronic form (*.pdf, *.doc, *.sxw itp.).
    • Standard invoice date of payment is 14 days since the day it was made out.

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